Welcome. I am Igor.

I spend most of my days building software, either by coding myself or helping teams.

My interests are in designing scalable systems, machine learning, algorithms and computer vision.

Below you can find my brief history.

Professional #

2022-2023 | Business/Solutions Engineer | Meta #

➤ Launching Beta products for Business Messaging on WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram Direct.

➤ Helping strategic partners in EMEA reach their goals through technical innovation.


2019-2022 | CTO, Lead engineer | Leeruniek #

Leeruniek is an analytics dashboard for teachers in primary education. It analyzes data from different testing sources, teacher observations and pupil performance helping the teachers perform better decisions.

2017-2019 | CTO, machine learning engineer | StoreDNA (ex. Monolith) #

StoreDNA provides actionable insights which optimize retails store’s traffic, conversion, revenue, and inventories.


➤ Migrated the application architecture to a container-based, self-healing, scalable solution to accommodate growing traffic and need for stability.

➤ Improved the speed of development and releasing useful features by introducing new appropriate open-source libraries and continuous integration best-practices.

➤ Constructed a monitoring solution with error prevention, monitoring and automatic alerting for a multi-location architecture in order to reduce downtime, improve stability and increase resource utilization.

Machine learning engineer #

➤ Led computer vision research utilizing machine learning and state of the art algorithms for person re-identification and object detection, segmentation, localization and classification to improve the accuracy and capabilities of proprietary person behaviour-tracking algorithms.


2015-2016 | Software Developer | Logit Ltd. #

Logit Ltd.

➤ Developed a plugin payment gateway which connects to the payment system of the biggest telecom company in Croatia. (source code)

➤ Created an application for tracking work hours of employees. The solution replaced an excel-based system saving time for data entry and generation of reports for the tax office.

➤ Improved the ease of use of a web application for automatic generation of reports by redesigning it as a single-page application.

➤ Technologies used: Python, Angular, PostgreSQL, Reportlab, Django-CMS

2014 | Junior Software Developer | IsvuRI #

➤ Worked on a web application solution used by Croatian universities to input student grades and sync them to the central Croatian database for educational data. The solution is still in use today for 10,000 students on a yearly basis.

Academic #

2020 - Master’s degree, Artificial intelligence, cum laude #

➤ Published scientific paper at GECCO2020 titled: “Monte Carlo tree search on perfect rectangle packing problem instances” which was written as part of the master thesis together with mentor drs. Daan van den Berg.

Link to paper

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2016 - Bachelor’s degree, Computer science, summa cum laude #

➤ Dean’s List Honors (3 times)

➤ Excellence Scholarship, University of Rijeka (3 times)

➤ Cofounding member of the faculty web team RitehWebTeam.

Personal #

2013 - 1995 #

Spent a great childhood in Croatia.

I played various sports, but the one which proved to be the most engaging in the end was chess. Together with my team, Liburnia, I was junior national chess champion of Croatia 4 times.